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Formerly known as the Sheraton Rarotonga, this site's history is as captivating as the Cook Islands' vibrant culture. Nestled in the picturesque Vaimaanga on Rarotonga, this iconic resort is in the midst of a transformative journey led by local developer, Chris Vaile.

Originally envisioned as the Cook Islands' inaugural five-star resort, the Sheraton Rarotonga faced formidable challenges, from renovation setbacks to rumors of Italian Mafia involvement and even an ominous curse. Despite reaching 80% completion, the hotel was abandoned in 1993, leaving behind an intriguing, unfinished tale of ambition.

Fueled by a steadfast determination to honor her mother's legacy, Pā Tepaeru Te Ariki Upokotini Marie Ariki took charge, igniting the spark that led to a fresh beginning in 2022. A new lease was signed between Pā Tepaeru Te Ariki Upokotini Marie Ariki and local businessman Chris Vaile, marking a renewed commitment to rejuvenate this once-abandoned land. Together, they embarked on a visionary 10-year plan to breathe life back into the property, infusing it with hope and vitality.

Now reborn as Te Rito Resort, the very name pays homage to Pā Tepaeru Terito Ariki, encapsulating the essence of nurturing, protection, and continuity. This transformation embodies the spirit of Te Rito, welcoming guests and prospective apartment buyers with genuine warmth, comfort, and a profound sense of heritage.

Te Rito Resort stands as a testament to the resilience of dreams and the enduring spirit of the Cook Islands. It serves as a living tribute, where the rich tapestry of history, culture, and aspirations converge, inviting visitors from all corners of the globe to experience the essence of Te Rito—the heart of the Cook Islands.

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