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Experience the Paradise of Rarotonga

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Discover the Mystery of Te Rito Resort

Te Rito Resort is an island resort located in the tropical paradise of Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Shrouded in mystery with links to local legends, our resort offers a unique experience for those seeking adventure and relaxation. The resort was initially built in the 90's known as the Sheraton but never opened. After many years of being abandoned, local developer Chris Vaile, has taken on the challenge to refurbish the resort to its former glory. Purchasable apartments along with rooms for rent are available for our guests. We invite you to come and discover the essence and heart of Rarotonga here at Te Rito Resort.

The Transformation

A Landmark Transformation: Refurbishment in Three Stages


Your Invitation to Te Rito Resort's Evolution

Te Rito Resort's compelling narrative unfolds through a carefully planned three-stage transformation, driven by a commitment to sustainable energy solutions such as pumped hydro and solar power.


In the inaugural chapter, set to commence in late 2023, a new era begins. Stage One introduces 41 meticulously designed rooms and a pool, extending a warm invitation to travelers to witness the revival of this storied haven. Here, from the very beginning, the opportunity arises to rent rooms or make a more permanent connection by purchasing one of our carefully crafted apartments, seamlessly blending into the rich heritage of the Cook Islands.


Stage Two marks a significant leap forward, adding another 80 rooms, the main pool with a poolside bar, tennis courts, and a welcoming restaurant. The option to rent rooms or own an apartment continues, allowing guests and prospective residents to immerse themselves fully in the embracing atmosphere of Te Rito Resort.


The final chapter, Stage Three, completes the journey. The main building, a bustling hub of activity, houses a café, restaurant, conference rooms, reception, and an inviting bar. Whether you seek temporary refuge or a lasting abode, the opportunity to rent a room or purchase an apartment remains, offering a tantalizing prospect at every turn.


As our story continues to unfold, Te Rito Resort welcomes you not just as guests but as integral parts of our evolving tale. Each phase embodies our commitment to creating a sanctuary where history, comfort, and the warmth of community converge. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where the past meets the present, and dreams find a welcoming home in the heart of the Cook Islands.

Your Island Home Away from Home

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